Project: 300 TPA Lactic Acid Production

Client: Godavari Sugar Mills Ltd., Sameerwadi

Technical Specifications

The unit was supplied in December 2010. The intent of this plant is to produce 300 tons per annum pure Lactic acid from crude Calcium Lactate obtained from the fermentation plants. The plant involves a range of vessels, columns, falling film heat exchangers, Agitated Thin Film Dryer, Reactive Distillation Column etc of sizes ranging from 50 liter to 500 liter, and fabricated from various materials like SS 316, Hastelloy C, Alloy 20, Glass lined, PTFE lined etc.

Total plant operation, control, data acquisition, data storage, safety management (Interlock and trip execution) and report generation of the plant is done automatically by PLC and SCADA / HMI system having control and data logging features.

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