Project: 50 NLPM H2 Reformer

Client: Ion America Chennai (P) Ltd., Mumbai (Now-Bloomenergy)

Technical Specifications

The plant was commissioned in June 2006. The project for 50 NLPM H2 Reformer project was awarded to us by Ion America Chennai (P) Ltd., Mumbai. A Fuel processor for steam reforming of LPG was a compact skid-mounted unit meant for generation of syngas to be used in the Solid Oxide Fuel Cell. The system feeds gas and liquid to the fixed bed sulfur guard and reformer reactors housed in isothermal furnaces.

The Reformer was designed for 900 Deg C temperatures at 1 bar g pressure and LPG flow rate was up to 1.2 kg/hr.

Important process parameters like gas flow; liquid flow & reactor temperature are controlled using Single loop control system.