Project: Hydro processing Pilot Plant Unit

Client: Hydro processing Pilot Plant Unit Refinery, Malaysia
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In December 2005, Texol commissioned the project for the turnkey supply of two Hydro-processing units was awarded to us by Malchem Chemical Engineering technologies Sdn Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for which end user is Petronas Refinery, Malaysia. Petronas will use it for their Research activities primarily for screening and evaluation of various catalysts for hydrocracking, hydrodesulfurization, hydro-dewaxing for the given feed composition and process conditions. The units are entirely automatically operated for data collection, process control, alarms reporting, trip and interlock execution, real and historical data trending, report generation etc.
Reactor : Two Catalyst Charge : 200cc Operation : Up flow & Downflow Reactor Operating Conditions : Up to 450 Deg C at max. Pressure of 200 bar g Heating : Five zone, split tube, isothermal electric furnace
Automation was designed specifically for tight control and safety of the units. GE make PLC for the data acquisition and controls were used. The plant operators will communicate with the PLC using a PC.