Project: Multiple Hydrocracking Catalyst Testing Unit

Client: Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research, Kuwait

Technical Specifications

The pilot plant is a completely automated continuous Hydro processing facility with 6 parallel reactor trains with independent feed & product arrangements and a common continuous Distillation with vacuum and atmospheric distillation columns connected in series. Reactor trains are installed in two identical sets (3 trains on one skid) for the ease of installation and operation. Each reactor of each train is equipped with independent facilities for gas and liquid feeding, gas/ liquid product separation, gas product metering and liquid product collection. Further, arrangement is also made to connect all the reactor trains in series. Plant includes automatic high pressure inter reactor sampling arrangements.

Reactor Catalyst capacity : 500 CC, Flow : Up flow / down flow, Reactor operation : 200 bar g / 500 Deg C, Furnace : 6 Zone for each reactor rated for 700 Deg C, Liquid feed rate : up to 800 ml/hr, Hydrogen gas feed rate : up to 800 NLPH Distillation section (vacuum and atmospheric columns) is designed for 100 to 140 LPH feed rate. A buffer tank between reactor section and distillation section provides flexibility of conducting independent material balance runs of reactor and distillation.

A central control system is built around Honeywell PC-PLC control system. Reactor pressure, gas flow, liquid flow, levels in HP and LP separators, weighment of feed and product tanks, product gas flow are monitored-controlled and recorded. Alarms and interlock were configured to protect unwanted scenarios.