Project: Syngas Cleaning Pilot Plant

Client: Engineers India Limited, New Delhi

Technical Specifications

This is a continuous automated plant for cleaning of Syngas generated from a coal gasifier. This Syngas has impurities such as particulate impurities, NOx, SOx, H2S, CO2 etc. The plant is designed with packed columns to remove all these impurities. 230 nm3/hr hot syngas stream from coal gasifier outlet at 230 Deg C & 24 bar g is fed to the plant. It is passed through series of columns and a catalytic reactor to remove the impurities. First & second columns are aimed for direct quenching and dissolving water soluble impurities as well as removing particulate matter. After this, there is a catalytic reactor (containing the proprietary catalyst) to convert HCN traces in to CO2 and NH3. This is followed by a set of columns for Amine absorber-regenerator circuit where these gas impurities are absorbed/scrubbed. The washing section operates at high pressure (24 bar g) and Amine section at 5 bar g. Pressure and level in all columns are controlled automatically.

Pressure : 32 bar g Temperature : 190 Deg C Syn gas flow : 230 nm3/hr

ASME Section VIII Div 1

The facility also includes utilities such as Cooling tower with circulation system & Air compressor.

The total Plant operation is controlled using Allen Bradley PC-PLC system. The re-boilers and heaters were electrical with Auto temperature control, with high kW ratings up to 100 kW. Mobile control room with separate control and electrical marshaling cabinets.

1. Up to 12 m tall columns with heavy design rated for 32 bar g/200 Deg C

2. Six- storied plant with requirement of suitable access for packing addition/removal from columns

3. Electrical heaters with high capacity up to 100 kW